- Viking Performance Crusaderâ„¢ High Force Double Adjustable Shocks

Viking Performance Crusaderâ„¢ High Force Double Adjustable Shocks

October 1, 2015

Viking Performance takes another leap in high performance suspension with its new patent-pending Crusader™ high force double adjustable shocks. These Crusader™ shocks are offered in a variety of valving configurations depending on application and vehicle. Crusader™ shocks are capable of generating the huge rebound forces often required in race/performance applications to achieve more constant tire patch contact force. The rebound side has 22 available positions of adjustments that generate a progressive curve, while the digressive compression has 19 positions of adjustment, for a total of 418 different valving combinations.


Depending on the needle and seat combination, the adjustment range can cover a very large range or a more narrow range with very small defined increments. The end user can choose from a variety of progressive force ranges such as an extreme, high-force progressive valving that is ideal for drag racing, road racing and other applications where high forces are required, or a soft valving for the ultimate comfort ride. Multiple other valving ranges are also available.


Crusader™ shocks are rebuildable and revalveable. In addition, the rebound valving adjustment range can be easily changed without completely disassembling the shock absorber since they feature an interchangeable needle and seat design. Valving changes can be made using only basic tools in a process similar to jetting a carburetor. A wide variety of needles and seats are available to allow for a nearly infinite amount of fine-tuning of rebound forces to make the shock as stiff or as soft as desired.


Viking Performance specializes in high quality performance shock absorbers, high-travel coil springs, rod ends, spherical bearings and related suspension components. The in-house Viking engineering and product development team consistently push beyond the forefront of technological advancement and quality in suspension systems and components.


For more information, contact Viking Performance at 952-469-4130 or visit www.vi-king.com.

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